How to Make a Dog Boat Ramp That’s Tailored for Your Pooch

You’re all about boating with your furry bestie, but let’s face it, not all dog boat ramps are created equal. Dogs come in all shapes, sizes, and mobility levels, so why should your ramp be one-size-fits-all? Let’s break down how you can make a dog boat ramp that suits your dog to a T.

Check out your dog’s needs

First things first, take a good look at your dog’s unique quirks and needs.

Size and Breed

Big or small, different breeds have different needs. Larger dogs might need a ramp with some muscle, while smaller pups could do with something gentler. Longer breeds may struggle with steeper ramps.


Puppies and older dogs might need a little extra help. Think about their joints and how a ramp can make things easier.

Mobility Hurdles

Does your dog have arthritis, hip issues, or other mobility hiccups? They might need a ramp with a comfy surface and some padding.

Confidence Level

Not all dogs are lovers of ramps. If your dog’s a bit shaky, consider a design that makes them feel secure, like one with side railings.

Pick the Right Ramp Type

Now that you know what your pup needs, let’s match it up with the right ramp type:

Telescoping Ramps

These bad boys are like the adjustable chairs of the ramp world. You can tweak the length to fit your dog’s size and how high your boat is. Great for all shapes and sizes.

Folding Ramps

Foldable ramps are all about convenience. They’re compact and easy to store. They’re perfect for dogs that are cool with a medium slope.

Roll-Up Ramps

These lightweight champs are perfect for small or light dogs. They give a gradual slope, but bigger breeds might need something more substantial.

Single-Piece Ramps

If your dog’s mobility is steady, a solid single-piece ramp could be your go-to. They’re sturdy but not adjustable.

Carpeted or rubberized ramps

Ramps with carpet or rubber surfaces are like anti-slip masters. They’re comfy and great for dogs with mobility hiccups.

Tweak it for safety and comfort

To make the ramp even more safe for your dog.

Add Some Side Railings

If your dog’s a little shaky about ramps, side railings can give them extra security.

Go non-slip

Make sure the ramp’s surface is non-slip, especially if your dog’s a bit wobbly.

The angle

Some ramps let you adjust the slope. Experiment to find what your dog is comfortable with.

Practice and Treats

Training and treats go a long way. Encourage your dog to use the ramp with lots of positivity.

Keep it in good shape

No matter how tail-waggingly awesome your ramp is, it needs some love too. Check for wear and tear and fix up any worn-out bits pronto.


Making a customized dog boat ramp is all about thinking about what your dog needs and then picking the right ramp type and tweaks.

It’s the key to smooth sailing (literally) and making sure your four-legged buddy has a blast on the water with you.